Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday...Fake an Injury Day!

This choir blog is currently in transition. All updated information is being presented on Northwest High Schools webpage:

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Please check this new site for your day to day information!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome Back!

* Please note this blog will be in use until NWHS School Fusion Page is up and running. Once that is done we will make the switch over.
- Mandatory Parent/Student Meeting. On Monday, Sept. 13th we will have our annual parent/student meeting in the choir room at 6:30 pm. We look forward to seeing you there.
- Homecoming Game: It is tradition here for Vocal Dimension and VD Alumni to perform the National Anthem at the Homecoming game. Mark it on your calendar.
- Vocal Dimension Retreat is Sept. 24-26. Payment and forms are due by Friday, Sept. 17th (this includes your solo piece)
- Serenade! Retreat is Oct. 9 and 10. Mark your calendars.
- Fall Concert: This year our fall concert falls on Weds. October 27th at JCC (7:30pm). This is a mandatory event!
- Uniforms: Please note your blue forms and payment is due by Friday, Sept. 17th.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Congratulations on a Wonderful Concert!


- Congratulations on a successful concert. You can order a DVD of the collage concert through Heckaman Videos. See Mr. Snell for an order form.

- This Friday we have a Senior Guy's Lock-In. The event starts at 9pm and goes until 10am the next day.

- Friday, May 28th is our annual choir banquet. It will be held in the HS Cafeteria and is free! It will take place from 6:30-9pm.

-Monday, May 31st: Vocal Dimension will be performing at the Cascades park at 8pm. (Vocal Dimension will be meeting at the high school at 3pm to set up.

- June 3rd: at 7pm in the NWHS Gym Serenade! and Vocal Dimension will be performing at the Baccalaurete service.

-June 4th: at 7pm is Graduation!


- June 14th: Cedar Point!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Now is the Month of Maying


- May 11-13: MS State Choir Festival. Many of you signed up to work this festival. Make sure you have talked with your teachers.

- Collage Concert: May 19th at 8pm is our annual Collage Concert. Students will be missing school all day. There call time that evening will be 7:30pm.

- Choir Awards Banquet: This year are theme is Phantom of the Opera. The Awards Banquet will begin at 6:30pm.

- Cascades: Vocal Dimension will be performing at Cascades on Monday, May 31 (Memorial Day) at 8pm.

- Baccalaurette: June 3rd at 7pm is Baccalaurette.

- Cedar Point: Packets are due as soon as possible. We are leaving for Cedar Point on June 14th.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Results Have Been Posted

I have posted the audition results under Choir Roster 2010-2011.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT AUDITIONED!! This year the competition was incredible competitive.

If you have any questions or cannot find your name on a list please contact or see Mr. Snell on Monday.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Auditions, Auditions, Auditions


- Auditions have begun, those interested in auditioning for Serenade! should audition during their class. If you have any friends interested in auditioning that are not in choir they should see Mr. Snell to set up and audition time.

- Vocal Dimension Auditions are this Thursday, April 29 from 6-8pm. If you have not turn in your packet yet it is late!

Rummage Sale:

- This Summer July 6-10 will be our 3rd Annual Choir Rummage Sale. We are already collecting items for the sale. Please send them!!

MS Choir Festival: Many students signed up to work the middle school choir festival at JCC May 11-13. Make sure you talk to your teachers ahead of time.

-Collage Concert: The Collage Concert is Wednesday, May 19th and it starts at 8pm!! (Note this is a time change). Students call time will be 7:30pm.

-Choir Awards Banquet: Friday, May 28th at 6:30pm will be our Choir Awards Banquet. This years theme is Phantom of the Opera.

Other Upcoming Events:

- Memorial Day: Vocal Dimension will be performing at Cascades on Monday, May 31 at 8pm.

-Baccalaurette: Vocal Dimension and Serenade will be performing at Baccalaurette at 7pm.

- Graduation: All Seniors will sing the National Anthem at Graduation.

Cedar Point: Packets have been distributed and seats are quickly going. This year our trip falls on Monday, June 14th.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Auditions This Week!


Auditions for Vocal Dimension and Serenade! begin this week:

-Serenade Auditions will be during the day. If you have any friends that would like to audition and are not in choir they need to see Mr. Snell to set up an audition time.

- Tuesday, April 27 there is a Vocal Dimension Audition Meeting. You must have a completed packet for the meeting!

- Thursday, April 29 are Vocal Dimension Auditions from 6-8pm.

Middle School Choir Festival

-Many of you signed up to work the MS Choir Festival at JCC from May 11-13. Make sure you have talked to your teachers! You need to arrive at JCC by 7:45 am.

Collage Concert!

-Wednesday, May 19th is our Annual Collage Concert. The concert begins at 7:30pm, students call time is 7pm.

Choir Awards Banquet

-Friday, May 28th is our Choir Awards Banquet. The banquet begins at 6:30pm.

Other Gigs:

- Cascades: Vocal Dimension will be singing at Cascades on Monday, May 31. The concert begins at 8pm. Choir members need to meet at the HS at 2pm to help set-up.

- Baccalaurette: Thursday, June 3 at 7pm.

- Graduation: Seniors will be singing the National Anthem at Graduation on Friday, June 4

Cedar Point

- Packets went home with students today. Cedar Point is Monday, June 14.